Holiday Guide

Posted 20/12/2016 by Maral


2016 was full of surprises. With the holidays around the corner, we finally get a chance to unwind. And to remember some of the better things of this year. Some of which are great gift material. Below are our top 5 picks for the season. To fuel your brain we've also selected 3 articles that we find relevant and inspiring. 

Happy holidays and HELLO to a transformative 2017!


Auxillite – this crowd-funded intelligent, beautiful, and affordable solution lets you listen to music and speed charge your iPhone at the same time.

Historically Apple always pioneered. Think back to the first iPod or the first iPhone – those were real revolutions. The new iPhone 7 though... headphone jack disappeared cheekily and now we can't charge and listen at the same time. We think Auxillite is the best problem solver until wireless charging becomes a standard.


PhotoViz by Nicholas Felton
PhotoViz shows how powerful images depict correlations, and reveal more detail than classic photojournalism.

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Toymail Talkie
A safe way to talk to kids. Send messages from your phone to your kid's Talkie. 

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The Tile App
The easiest way to find your things. Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that helps you find everyday items in seconds.

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Rapidly chill  anything you like without dilution.Your iced beverage is ready in just one minute.

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& 3 Quick Reads

Turning cameras into health monitors
4 minute read / TechCrunch

The dark side of connected tech
3.5 minute read by Designit

The Love Index: A radically new driver for design
3 minute read by Fjord

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