what is takumi?

Takumi is a creator influencer service that works with brands to help them boost their Instagram outreach. Takumi’s difference to their competitors is their service offers their clients a choice of the campaign and provides the entire campaign as opposed to providing a database, statistics and making you do all the work.

If you wish to get a more indepth view into Takumi, their vision and the work they create we suggest you give their blog a look. It's written several members of their team and if you're interested in working with them, it's a must to get a view of their company culture! 

Opportunities with takumi

Takumi is looking to grow globally, from London to Berlin all the way to New York. Takumi will grow three times in size by 2018, working with global brands like Disaronno, Paramount Movies, Sony Music, Sipsmith, Dominos, etc... If you want to be part of Takumi, have alook  at their opportunities and see if any match your criteria! If none match what you’re looking for, feel free to contact our ambassador Vik Tamang, if you feel like your skills would be a good match for Takumi



Graphic Designer
Do you know your CMYK from your RGB? 
Are you passionate about imagery and typography?

Level: Experienced Junior
Salary: £22K
See full job spec

Front End Dev
If you dream in python and you know the secret to the da vinci code. Call us.

Level: Middleweight
Salary: £32K
See full job spec

Placeholder Title
Job description about the position of copywriter
available at the moment. 

Level: High end Junior-Middleweight
Salary: £26K
See full job spec


Graphic Designer
Do you know your CMYK from your RGB? 
Are you passionate about imagery and typography?

Level: Experienced Junior
Salary: £22K
See full job spec


Are you a trend setter?
Do you understand how to keep consitency throughout every medium and growth?

Level: Senior
Salary: £40-50K
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New York

Coming soon! watch this space

The Takumi team


Mats Stigzelius
Co Founder & CEO
Co-Founder of both Takumi and Rainmaking loft, Mats is an experienced start-up guru
Twitter // LinkedIn


Solberg Audunsson
Co Founder & Product
Solberg has experience founding startups and is passionate about business.
Twitter // LinkedIn


Gummi Eggertsson
Co Founder and CFO
Years experience as CFO in other startups have made Gummi a great team player
Twitter / LinkedIn



Takumi is a global brand with offices in London, Berlin and Reykjavik. Before the end of 2017 they will have another studio in New york too. If you’re looking to join an evergrowing startup looking to take the world by storm, you should join Takumi.

Designtalent ambassador

Vik Tamang Talent Consultant vik@designtalent.co

Vik Tamang
Talent Consultant

Vik is the bridge between Takumi and Designtalent. Vik is one of Designtalent’s star Talent Consultants and is our main correspondent with Takumi. Vik is an experienced Talent Consultant having worked for several top clients worldwide. Vik is aware and screens all the candidates for Takumi’s roles. Vik is aware of all the positions that are open and knows what Takumi are looking for and what the perfect fits are for their roles. Wether you are curious about an existing role or are just very passionate and want to work for Takumi, Vik is the man to speak to. 

Contact Vik